Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hi! So glad you're here!

Welcome to The Spilled Milk Mom!

I have been creating this blog in my mind all summer and finally decided to just go for it. As a new mom of twin girls, I've gone from working full time to working part-time from home. I really missed having a creative outlet and interacting with people throughout the day -- there is only so much I can discuss with two 3 months olds and our dog before feeling a little crazy!

I envision this blog being a mix of everything in the "mom lifestyle" -- a little cooking, home decor, and fashion, but mostly baby and kid focused because our little ladies are definitely the center of life right now! I'm learning a lot as we go along on this parenting journey, and I hope to share that with you. I also plan to share all my "spilled milk moments", those times when things aren't perfect or don't go as planned. We've all been there, right?

Here are just a few things to introduce our family to you...

My name is Chelsea, and I'm married to my sweet, handsome husband Josh, who is an engineer for a coal company. We have twin daughters, Molly and Madeline, who were born May 21st. Our first born is Ruby, our spoiled double doodle who believes she still runs the house.

I taught high school English for 4 years before leaving to become a full-time real estate broker, I also manage social media for about 10 agents in my company and write a blog for my company as well. I cut way back when I went on bedrest in March (more on that later).

It really is hard to find time to work and write! In fact, as I type  this post, I am sitting on the floor next to the girls alternating putting pacis back in their mouths and scooting them back in place when they slide down in their Boppy's! I wouldn't have it any other way and feel fortunate to be able to be home with them while they're little.

I hope you'll join me as I navigate this new mom world. I promise to be authentic and honest, sharing both great moments and failures as well. Thank you for visiting!


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