Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Shopping Smart for Baby Clothes

I love to shop. Clothes, home decor, furniture, food, baby stuff -- I will browse through it all. I've gotten better since we have bills to pay and college funds to prepare, but I still love a cute outfit, especially for our girls. When people find out we have twin girls, they typically say something like, "I bet you shop all the time for baby clothes! Girls' stuff is so cute!" While that's very true, we can't afford for me to buy every adorable little outfit I see. That would be dangerous.

We love shopping!
Instead, I have learned to shop smarter for our little ladies, especially if I buy any kind of "boutique brand" for them, which is rare. Also, I will preface this information by sharing that I rarely dress our girls in matching outfits. I personally feel it's kind of a waste of money to buy 2 of everything, especially when they grow out of everything so fast at this point.

I'd like to share my favorite brands and a few things I do to get the best deals on baby clothes.

Buy off-season: I do this all the time! The past few times I've been out at our local boutiques (check them out below!), I have picked up items for next summer for the girls. Big brands and boutiques are still having huge sales right now on summer clothes. It can be hit or miss sometimes because sizes have been picked over, but this is a great way to save money, especially if you like boutique brands like Tea, Mud Pie, Mustard Pie, or Kickee Pants.


Lollipop Tree

La Petite Demoiselle 

Get on email lists: I subscribe to several brands' email lists to get sale announcements and coupons. Many send out 20-25% off coupons every few weeks, so if there is an item you've been eyeing for your little one or you need to buy for next season, check to see whether your favorite store has any deals via email. For example, today I got an email from Carter's advertising 60% off Halloween items today only!

Check out resale shops: I have had very good luck shopping in kids' consignment stores. We have a Once Upon a Child store in Evansville and there is also a local boutique consignment store, where I have gotten Zutano clothes for as little as $5! I really like Once Upon a Child because they are picky about quality and always have new merchandise -- plus the prices are great on basics like onesies and sleepers. One piece of advice for shopping these kinds of store is checking in often and taking time to pick through the merchandise. I'd recommend stopping by a resale store when you don't have the kids with you so you don't feel rushed.

Now for a few of my favorite brands:

Carter's - I love this brand because of the clothes are great quality, wash up nicely, stylish, readily available, and they have awesome sales! I mostly shop their website, but we always visit a Carter's store when we can. Most department stores carry Carter's as well.

Rocking our Carter's onesies!
Matilda Jane - This boutique brand is pretty pricey, and most of the time you have to purchase from a Trunk Keeper at a show. However, I came across their sale site awhile back and have made several purchases that way. The site is called Good Luck Trunk  and has these lovely clothes for at least 40% off. There are also Facebook sites and tons of Ebay listings for Matilda Jane if you have a chance to look around for those.

Wish list for next summer!
Gymboree - This is another brand that is really nice quality, very cute, and has terrific sales. I head straight for their sale racks when I'm there because it's too expensive otherwise.

Baby Gap - This one might be my favorite! I LOVE Gap clothes for kids. They are the perfect blend of trendy while still looking like a cute little baby. As much as I love their clothes, I think most of their items are pretty overpriced. However, they always have a sale going on, and regularly do an extra percentage off sale items as well.

Such sweet little outfits!
Where do you shop for your little ones and how to you save while shopping? I'd love to hear any tips you have!

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