Our First Trip with the Twins!

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! We headed to Lexington, Kentucky on Friday because my husband was in a friend's wedding. We took the little ladies with us and brought my parents as well for help babysitting while we attended the wedding festivities. We had our first date nights since we've had the babies!

It took me 2 days to pack everything, and I quickly realized we no longer have the option of traveling light. I wish I had taken a picture of everything before we loaded the cars -- yes cars plural -- because it was almost comical how much stuff we had to take! Our bags and gear filled our entire foyer.

With kids, I learned you have to think about all the what if's and worst case scenarios, and that leads to over packing. I will say though, we had everything we needed and the girls did great. It definitely wasn't easy to be away from home, but we made it. I can't thank my parents enough for their help.

Lexington is about a 3 hour drive from our house, and at this point, I don't think we'd want to drive any farther. Molly and Maddie definitely got restless and a little fussy after about 2 hours in the car. When we arrived Friday, we got them settled and then got ready for the rehearsal dinner.

We stayed downtown in Lexington, and it was nice that a lot of things were within walking distance, especially Starbucks across the street. The rehearsal dinner was held at a restaurant called Shakespeare & Co. -- a cozy place with a middle eastern and Victorian theme. 

On Saturday we met up with my dear friend Lynsey and her husband and son and went to the farmers market downtown, then made a stop by my favorite boutique, Monkee's of Lexington. Mama did a little shopping and then we headed over to Hopscotch, a sweet little children's boutique that is right next door to Monkee's. 

Before Josh had to get ready for the wedding, we grabbed lunch at Dudley's on Short. I love this restaurant! They have beautiful artwork everywhere, including many photos of horse farms and horse racing -- makes sense in the horse capital of the world, right? I highly recommend the Crab Cake Benedict off the brunch menu!

That evening we went to the wedding, which was held at the Carrick House. The venue was beautiful and the wedding was so much fun. I even let loose a bit and enjoyed my first glass of wine since last October. I've missed a good glass of chardonnay!!

We were sad to leave Lexington Sunday (after a trip to Graeter's of course), but definitely ready to come home. It was hard to keep our normal feeding schedule for the girls, and I definitely got off my pumping schedule, but we just tried to stay flexible and do our best. A prime example of this is our impromptu trip to Best Buy to buy an outlet converter for my husband's truck, allowing me to pump in an empty parking lot before heading home. Glamorous life of a mom!! 

How was your long weekend? Sometime soon, I'll post my packing essentials for traveling with the girls. 

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