Trying Something New

Happy Monday, friends! Welcome back, and I hope you all had a nice weekend. Like so many, my heart was heavy all weekend thinking about the horrible events that took place in Paris on Friday. I hugged my husband and baby girls a little closer, feeling so sad for the families who lost loved one in such a sudden, tragic way. My thoughts and prayers continue for those affected, and I hope we don't witness any further violence in the days ahead. 8f446f71f713e789285f2771386fcaca044c09d0efa40daed5

On a lighter note, I was able to try a new activity this weekend. I went to my first Pure Barre class yesterday afternoon to celebrate the grand opening of the Evansville studio. I have been looking forward to this for several weeks. I've heard so many good things about this workout, and I'm looking to vary my exercise a bit as it gets colder here and I might not be able to run outside as much (sad for both me and my four-legged, fluffy running buddy Ruby!). 

I wore my favorite workout leggings and new sticky socks, and when I got to to the studio, I was impressed by the chic design and quick check-in process. Our instructor gave everyone a quick tutorial before class, going over terms used and the basic movements -- much needed for many first-time visitors!

Full schedule available today! 

We got started, and within minutes I realized this workout is no joke. I jog regularly and am in pretty decent shape post-babies, but these movements and the quick-pace of the class had me sweating and shaking like crazy! Our instructor said "embrace the shake" at the start of class, so I tried to power through, and as I tried to subtly look around class, I noticed many others were in the same boat! 

My girls relaxing while momma was feeling the burn!
The class went by quickly, and we targeted arms, legs, bottom, and abs. I left feeling like jello and was so tired last night I could hardly hold Molly and Maddie. It was pretty humbling to think a class focused on tiny muscle movements could have that kind of impact.

I woke up pretty sore this morning, but thankfully I can walk (barely!) and hold babies, so I think we will make it through the day! I was thinking about how long it's been since I've tried something new and challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone. Since having the babies, my "me time" is precious, and I've really just been focused on getting back to my pre-baby weight and back to my running routine since I missed it so much while I was pregnant.

I will likely go back for another class soon because I want to get stronger and would also like to work on toning some areas that just don't look the same after delivering my sweet babes. 

I hope the studio does well in our city, and I would encourage anyone to go try a class. It's unlike any workout you've ever done, and it absolutely accommodates any level of fitness you bring to class. 

In the meantime, I'm going to continue hobbling around the house and use yesterday's class as a springboard to continue trying new and challenging activities for myself -- whether it's a workout, cooking, writing, or whatever. 

A new snack I want to make this week!

If you're in the Evansville area or have a studio near you, I highly recommend checking out a Pure Barre class. Or, if that's not your thing, just try something new this week. Let's all make an effort to do something just for us that makes us happy. 

There are so many scary, negative things happening in our world right now that we need things that allow us to have fun. Let me know what you're venturing out and doing. I'd love some more ideas to try myself!

Testing out one of our holiday outfits -- might  not fit by Christmas!

Life Lately -- where is time going?

Oh my gosh, it has been FOREVER since I've been able to write. Between keeping up with the littles and getting my work done, I really don't know where my days have gone. How is it November?? I know you all feel the same way. We've been so busy, and our girls are growing so quickly -- it's amazing how much they're developing and changing all the time.

Sisterly bonding during tummy time

We had so much fun celebrating Molly & Maddie's first Halloween over the weekend (now I'm enjoying eating our leftover candy) and this weekend we are headed to Illinois to celebrate my grandmother's 96th birthday.

So hard to take that perfect picture!

Passing out candy on Halloween!

It will be wonderful to be with her for such a milestone, and I love seeing family, but I am already stressed about traveling again with the babies. When we went to Lexington over Labor Day, they were smaller and less mobile, and we had some privacy in our own hotel room.

Our little family after our Baptism lunch at Biaggi's.

Baptism cake -- so good! Made by the same baker as our wedding cake.

How do you other moms make these weekends easier? I know it's tough to be away from home with kids at any age, and if you have any helpful hints, send them my way!!

Today I'm sharing our packing list for twins for a weekend away.


4 sets of pajamas
4 body suits
2 outfits each for Saturday & Sunday (always keep extras on hand!)
a box of diapers
container of wipes
6 pacis (again with the extras)
travel changing pad
sleep sacks
rock n plays
2 cotton blankets
2 thinker stroller blankets
4 burp cloths


bottles for 6 feedings each day
nipples for feeding
breast pump
pump pieces
Ivory soap to wash bottles & pump parts
jugs of purified water for formula
4 caps for bottles


play blanket for tummy time
Boppy pillows
toys: stuffed, musical, teething
5-6 books
sound machine (fingers crossed the babes will sleep well!)
laundry bag for dirty clothes
jackets if weather gets cooler
stroller covers for  cooler weather

What do you pack for your little ones? I'm sure I'm missing something, but I have all week to prepare. Also, how do you make a long drive easier on babies? We've never driven this far with them, so I'll welcome any & all advice!

Dad and Maddie napping.