Wait, I'm Supposed to be Here?

A version of this quote came across my Instagram feed earlier today, and it really stuck with me. I actually had another topic planned for today, but then after seeing this graphic I changed gears a bit, so I hope you'll stay with me here. I've been feeling a bit disappointed this week because a few professional blogging positions I was really excited about didn't pan out. Unfortunately, they were not interested in a remote candidate, and other than some real estate work here and there, working from home is my best option right now. It just doesn't make sense for our family to put the girls in full-time daycare, nor do we want to do that at this point. I love being able to have so much time with Molly and Maddie, but I also want to work and contribute to our family. I still want to use my skills and my college degree that I worked so hard for (and my parents spent so much money on!).

It's been a hard transition at times to go from working full time to staying home most of the time. I don't necessarily feel like anyone judges me, but in some ways I feel like it seems that I gave up on myself and my work to be a mom. I have friends who are still working full time and have kids and volunteer etc. and I don't know how they do it! Super powers, I guess?

Anyway, I was having a little pity party when I saw the words above, and they helped snap me out of that. I'm already writing weekly real estate blogs for two companies, plus trying to actually sell a few houses here and there. It doesn't seem like much, but that's just what I can devote to "work life" right now. Much of my time is spent taking care of our silly little ladies and trying to keep our house in order (never-ending task). That is enough right now, and I'm working to be content with that because I know this time is fleeting. Someday I'll have all the time I want to work on career goals, but that will mean our girls don't need me as much, and I can't even think about that because it will make me cry!

I hope you're able to feel content with where you are right now as well. Wherever your life or career is, try to trust that you're where you're supposed to be, if only for a short time. That's hard to do because I think we all want to move forward as quickly as possible. For me, I'm going to give my all to the work I have going at this point, and I'm going to hope that when the time is right, something else will come along and I'll be ready for it.

Good grief -- I didn't mean to go to such a sappy place! This is just something that has weighed on me, and if you've been in the same boat and can share some words of wisdom with me, I'm all ears! I promise that my next post will be a little more fun. Thinking something shopping or cooking related?

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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