About Me

Hi there! I'm so glad you're here. I'll just take a quick minute to tell you a bit about me.

I'm a mama of twin girls Molly and Maddie, who are the silliest, sweetest, most adventurous little people I've ever known. My husband and I have been married almost five years, and he is my best friend and partner in crime. I look at him sometimes and wonder what I didn't to deserve so much love, support and humor.

I work from home as a real estate blogger, but writing about "life" stuff is what I really love. It's such a joy to connect with other women and moms of all backgrounds and lifestyles because I think we all "get it" when we share our daily adventures -- both the great moments and the flubs or mistakes, which I lovingly refer to as "spilled milk" moments.

 I taught high school English for several years prior -- if that doesn't teach you patience and humor, I don't know what will. Having taught writing for four years, I am so enjoying actually getting to do it for myself now!

I am always up for new connection and opportunities, so if you'd like to chat, collaborate, or connect somehow, just message me on Instagram @thespilledmilkmom anytime!

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